Nov 20, 2011

Iran-avoid buying gold coins

gold coin value
The Iranian government has asked its citizens not to buy dollars, in an effort to stem a rush for hard currency that has sent the exchange rate plummetting in recent months. The official news agency IRNA quoted Economy Minister Shamseddin Hosseini on Saturday recommending Iranians "avoid for the time being buying foreign currency or gold coins due to their high rates". "Considering that the forex and gold coin rates are to drop, consequently those who buy them at high prices should not complain later on," he said. Rising inflation and a reduction in bank deposit interest rates have spurred demand for foreign currency and gold among Iranians worried about the value of their savings and the central bank has struggled to support the value of the rial. Under its "managed floating exchange rate" the Central Bank of Iran's official dollar rate on Saturday was 10,880 rials, but the real amount it cost to buy a dollar at an exchange bureau was 13,380, 23 percent more. The Central Bank, which devalued the official rate by 10 percent in June in an attempt to narrow the gap between the official dollar rate and the market price, has appointed a new head of its foreign exchange department, Minoo Kiani-Rad, formerly head of its foreign affair section, according to its website.Read More.