Oct 9, 2011

Indian Postal gold coins sale

During the annual press conference ahead of the World Post Day, celebrated on October 9, the Indian Postal Department announced the sale of gold coins at a discounted rate. Just a few days before its Diwali sales, the department has announced that it will offer a discount of 5-7% on gold coins weighing 5gms and above. No government identification proof is needed for the purchase.

According to the statistics provided by the postal department, the sale of gold coins is popular in the state. Gujarat ranks fifth, with sales in Tamil Nadu and Kerala being the highest.Introduced in 2008, this scheme has seen 2882 coins being sold up till September this year.

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Even with sky-rocketing gold prices, the postal department has already sold 20.27 kgs of gold this year compared to 25.5 kgs in the last year. This number is slated to rise during the festive season. Moreover, with the facility of payment of electricity bills at the post office, the department aims to become the "single window for most government schemes," said Humera Ahmed, chief postmaster general, Gujarat Circle.

Ahmed also stressed on the need of accountability and transparency in the coming year. Among steps taken to improve the Indian Postal services are the traceability of registered items at every step of the process. If any complaint has to be filed, consumers can approach the circle head directly.

With Postal Week celebrations round the corner, the department plans to launch philately exhibitions across the state. One such exhibition has already been held at Palanpur while others are slated to take place in Surat from October 14 - October 15, Rajkot from November 19 - November 21 and Anand from the second week of December.

Apart from that, the department also plans to launch a book, 'Gujarat through the Postal Stamps' in December to encourage the science of philately.