Jan 31, 2012

20 Olympic gold coins stolen

1996 olympic gold coin

A 25-year-old man was arrested on Thursday for allegedly stealing approximately $10,000 in gold and silver coins from an elderly woman. Jonathan Wisdom was hired among a group of workers that were doing remodeling work inside the 87-year-old Anne E. Roethke. Roethke notified the Lee County Sheriff's Office on December 31st that someone had stolen approximately 120 silver Liberty Dollar coins and approximately 20 gold 1996 Olympic five dollar coins sometime between December 17th and December 30th. Roethke told deputies that she had four workers doing remodeling work inside her home but that she purposely kept them out of the bedroom where the coins were stored. On January 10th, fingerprints were lifted from the box where the coins where stored.Read More.