Jan 24, 2014

$1,219 an ounce for 2014 gold price

2014 gold price

The gold price will average $1,219 an ounce this year, according to a survey of analysts. The analysts expect the gold price to range between $1,067 and $1,379 this year, a report compiled by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) found. Yesterday's gold price according to the LBMA's afternoon London "fixing" was $1,248. Gold ended 2013 at $1,202, 28pc lower than at the beginning of the year, bringing to an end 12 consecutive years of price growth. The most optimistic prediction for the gold price this year came from Martin Murenbeeld of Dundee Capital Markets in Australia, who said the price could go as high as $1,550, although he put the bottom of its possible price range at just $1,075. Read More.

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