May 26, 2012

Diamond Jubilee Ultimate Royalist

Ultimate Royalist
With over 5,000 items in her collection and a lifelong passion for the royal family, Anita beat off over 60 other competition entrants hoping to be crowned the Ultimate Royalist to win the exclusive opportunity to strike her own Gold Proof Diamond Jubilee coin worth £2,400. The prize also included a behind the scenes tour of highly secured Royal Mint, which isn’t open to the public, to see how the coins of the realm are minted. Anita was judged The Royal Mint’s Ultimate Royalist by a panel consisting of renowned royalist and collector, Margaret Tyler, executive editor of the Daily Express, Tina Moran, and Gordon Summers, The Royal Mint’s Chief Engraver. All the judges were impressed by the breadth and size of Anita’s royal memorable and her commitment to collecting. Anita has been an avid collector of royal memorabilia since the Silver Jubilee in 1977 when many royal souvenirs were given to her as a 21st birthday present. Anita’s enormous collection includes everything from coins to medals and crockery to glassware. Anita has been presented with a £2,500 gold coin, which she was able to press herself.Read More.