May 26, 2012

Diamond Jubilee Gold-Plated Photographic Coin

Diamond Jubilee coin
The Diamond Jubilee Gold-Plated Photographic Coin is limited to 60,000 pieces. This crown-sized 24 carat gold-plated coin has been approved by Buckingham Palace. Unusually, modern minting techniques have allowed Terry O’Neill’s famous photograph of the Queen to be shown on the coin in full colour and the edge to be milled with a unique diamond shape especially for the jubilee. What makes this coin remarkable is the almost certain expectation that all 60,000 pieces are expected to sell out. Collectors snapped up two earlier similar coins in just weeks. This Diamond Jubilee coin is currently exclusively available for an introductory price of just £9.99 from The Westminster Collection. The United Kingdom £5 Gold-Plated Silver Crown is only the second ever United Kingdom Crown to be gold-plated. This Diamond Jubilee £5 coin features an unprecedented “double-headed” design, showing the Queen in accession year on one side with a contemporary engraving of Her Majesty in her Garter robes on the other.Read More.