Mar 23, 2012

Fake gold coin gang arrested

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Police arrested Friday a four-person, multinational gang of thieves after finding 409 counterfeit gold coins in their possession in Tripoli’s gold market. A police patrol headed by Brigadier Bassam Ayyoubi detained a Saudi man, two Syrian men, and a Lebanese woman, after finding the coins in their possession. The police said the coins were expertly produced, making it difficult to differentiate them from real gold coins. Ayyoubi said the authorities had been tracking the group, which traveled from Turkey through Syria, and detained them while they were trying to sell the coins. Separately, an Army patrol detained three Nigerian men on suspicion of theft and fraud in the Karm al-Zeitoun area of Ashrafieh. Large quantities of counterfeit currency and tools used in counterfeiting were found in their possession, the Army said. Read More.